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Short Term
Fees & Details
  Fund NameMorningstar
Allianz Structured Alpha Strat PT13 EURAlt - VolatilityNot RatedNot Rated0.311,084.8400EUR
Allianz Structured Alpha Strat WT25 EURAlt - VolatilityNot RatedNot Rated0.351,184.0100EUR
Allianz Structured Return AT13 EURAlt - VolatilityNot RatedBronze0.45103.8400EUR
Allianz Structured Return PT14 H2 CHFAlt - VolatilityNot RatedBronze2.861,049.5000CHF
Allianz Structured Return RT14 EURAlt - VolatilityNot RatedBronze0.44101.2100EUR
Allianz Structured Return RT15 EURAlt - VolatilityNot RatedBronze0.64104.5900EUR
Allianz Structured Return W13 H2 JPYAlt - VolatilityNot RatedBronze1.24216,135.1300JPY
Allianz Structured Return WT14 H2-USDAlt - VolatilityNot RatedBronze4.201,077.1100USD
Allianz Volatility Strategy IT EUR CapAlt - VolatilityNot RatedNot Rated0.201,013.9200EUR
Allianz Volatility Strategy IT H2USD CapAlt - VolatilityNot RatedNot Rated3.971,052.2800USD
Amundi Fds Volatil Euro A CHF H CAlt - VolatilityNot RatedNot Rated-0.8861.6500CHF
Amundi Fds Volatil Euro A EUR AD DAlt - VolatilityNot RatedNot Rated-3.1887.6200EUR
Amundi Fds Volatil Euro A EUR CAlt - VolatilityNot RatedNot Rated-3.1897.1600EUR
Amundi Fds Volatil Euro A GBP H AD DAlt - VolatilityNot RatedNot Rated-5.2676.6200GBP
Amundi Fds Volatil Euro F2 EUR CAlt - VolatilityNot RatedNot Rated-3.3161.3800EUR
Amundi Fds Volatil Euro G EUR CAlt - VolatilityNot RatedNot Rated-3.2493.3200EUR
Amundi Fds Volatil Euro I CHF H CAlt - VolatilityNot RatedNot Rated-0.78652.2000CHF
Amundi Fds Volatil Euro I EUR AD DAlt - VolatilityNot RatedNot Rated-3.09698.1200EUR
Amundi Fds Volatil Euro I EUR CAlt - VolatilityNot RatedNot Rated-3.091,062.3400EUR
Amundi Fds Volatil Euro I GBP H AD DAlt - VolatilityNot RatedNot Rated-775.2800GBP
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Fund prices are updated every weekday after the close of trading. Fund returns are based upon Nav to Nav or Bid to Bid income reinvested basis. Performance figures are presented in Euro (EUR).

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