Dimensional World Equity SGD Acc

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by Dimitar Boyadzhiev

Dimensional World Equity follows a simple and repeatable approach that blankets nearly every investable company in the world, including emerging-markets companies. Resting on the research of renowned academics such as Eugene Fama and Kenneth French, the strategy gives overweightings to stocks with lower valuations (measured by price/book ratio), smaller market capitalisations, and higher profitability (using an adjusted measure of operating income). Research shows that stocks with these characteristics have tended to outperform over the long term. The managers exclude the most expensive and unprofitable companies completely and apply market-cap multipliers to give under- or overweightings to the remaining stocks, depending on how much they possess of the desired characteristics. The resulting portfolio is broad and well-diversified, with overweightings in large-, mid-, small-, and micro-cap stocks at the expense of giant caps and a marginally lower return on investment capital compared with the average peer in the global flex-cap equity Morningstar Category.The use of market-cap multipliers to weight holdings has limited fund turnover. It has also led to a modest bias toward emerging-markets stocks at the expense of European stocks. Performance has ranked in the second quartile of the category on a risk-adjusted basis during the trailing three- and five-year periods. This fund is a representative and well-diversified strategy that consists of nearly 11,000 holdings with a tilt toward smaller, cheaper, and more-profitable companies. In addition, the weighting approach limits turnover, trades are executed efficiently, and fees (0.43%) are low relative to rival active peers. With these attributes, we can expect the fund to continue producing superior risk-adjusted returns relative to peers. We have therefore retained its Morningstar Analyst Rating of Silver.

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Morningstar Pillars
PeopleAbove Average
A deep and experienced team manages this fund.
A disciplined approach to investment management.
ProcessAbove Average
The fund sacrifices deeper factor tilts for broader diversification.
UK and Swiss stocks have supported the fund's category-relative performance.
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