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Best and Worst Performing Funds in June
Markets continue to surprise investors, with some funds recording their best quarterly returns in 20 years. We look at June's winners and losers
Morningstar Fund Ratings: Weekly Round-up
Our weekly round-up of changes to funds' Morningstar Analyst Ratings includes three upgrades and three downgrades
The Pros and Cons of ETFs
Some benefits of exchange-traded funds have been oversold, while others are under-appreciated, argues Morningstar's global director of ETF research
What Prior Market Crashes Teach us About This One
The Covid-19 crisis has been called a Black Swan event, but just how rare is such a sell-off? Analysis shows market crashes come more regularly than you might think
Investing in Times of Climate Change
Climate changes has become a top issue for investors, but working out what sustainable funds are investing in and whether they are delivering on their promises is not always easy
How Tech Funds Performed in the Covid-19 Crisis
Backing trending technology stocks has reaped rewards in recent weeks, but tech funds are still not immune to the market sell-off 

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