A Blizzard of Gaming M&A Could Be Afoot
Video Gamer
After Microsoft agreed to buy Activision Blizzard, we expect more firms could be targets — but our fair value estimates remain unchanged
US DollarsUS Inflation is Still on the Rise, For Now
Supply chain constraints, chip shortages, you know the score. But there is more to inflation that just those stories, as Morningstar's chief economist Preston Caldwell explains
graphic of gold coins in pilesHow Compound Interest Can Work for You
If you want to accumulate wealth, you will need to start as early as possible and let the numbers do the hard work
McDonald's CEOWhat Makes a Great Company?
This is what we mean when we say a company is great
ThinkingA US Lesson in The Paradox of Skill
Things were once very different for Fidelity Magellan, but it’s one thing to beat up on second-rate rivals; it’s quite another to excel against a strong field
Actors from SuccessionLessons in Shareholder Power from Succession
Spoiler alert: Wayster Royco's travails are barely fictional

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