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Tesla Joins the S&P 500
The already tech-heavy S&P 500 index just got a new tech addition as Tesla accelerates straight into the US stock market's top 10 
Covid Vaccine Breakthrough: the Morningstar View
Analysis of the latest vaccine developments, including timescales, production volumes and costs
What History Teaches Us About the Post-Covid Economy
How habits, fear, and sunk costs can reshape economic behaviour. We turn to the past to see what the future might look like
Should Retirees Invest in Stocks?
An annuity used to be the simple solution for most retirees but the pension freedoms and ultra-low interest rates mean staying invested in the stock market could be the right choice for you
Stock of the Week: Amazon
Amazon shares have pushed to new highs in the pandemic, but could a new US President mean life is about to get harder for tech giants?
What is the MQR? play-circle--s
VIDEO: The Morningstar Quantitative Rating is being rolled out across thousands of funds, but how does it work and how can you spot it? Here's what you need to know

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